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Why to lease Ford?

Ford Motor Company is a major family led business that knows what the spirit of America is all about. Ford vehicles have been built by Americans for America since the very beginnings of this company when Henry Ford helped to establish the USA as a global industrial giant. Henry Ford relentlessly expanded the industrial might of his company and made history by building the first-ever mass produced consumer vehicle – Ford Model T. The idea was to make a reliable vehicle that every American can afford. To this day, Ford Motor Company does not betray any of its traditions.

Since the introduction of the Ford Model T, lots of things have changed though. Ford technology has gone as far as introducing cars with turbocharged engines to the American market. Turbocharging along with other fuel economy technology features is known as EcoBoost. Ford also offers Driver Assist, Heated Steering Wheel & Advanced Climate Control, AI Monitoring, and more. An iconic American automaker now, also, offers a wide selection of vehicles, especially when it comes to high-quality SUVs. The Ford line-up of SUV vehicles include Ford Expedition, Ford Edge, Ford Escape, and Ford Explorer. In fact, Ford was one of the first automakers to popularize SUVs back in the days. Meanwhile, Ford Trucks are simply legendary. Ford was the first ever automaker to produce the pickup truck. Be sure, the legacy stands strong with a mighty Ford F-150. This truck can boast of the Best-In-Class Towing & Payload, Pro Power Onboard, All-New Interior w/ Luxury Features, and a lot more. For more than a century, Ford has really nailed the truck production. They know what Americans really need. As the company itself likes to say – “It’s American ingenuity that’s kept us working and building for those who help to keep our country moving”. Ford Sedans won’t leave you disappointed too. Ford’s one-and-only sedan, Ford Fusion, has been recognized as one of the best sedans in America & worldwide since the release of the model in 2006. And for those of you, who love driving fancy, Ford offers a legendary Ford Mustang sports car.

The majority of Ford vehicles are, of course, made in America. American assembly plants are located in Chicago, IL, Flat Rock, MI, Kansas City, MO, Louisville, KY, Wayne, MI, and Avon Lake, OH. FYI, Ford assembles more vehicles and employs more US hourly workers than any other automaker. Ford also offers their employees a “fair daily wage”. Treating workers with respect has always been a credo for Ford ever since Henry Ford made sure his employees can afford the vehicles they produce. This is the American way!

Ford has been around when America needed it most, financial crisis or COVID-19 shutdown, this automaker has been building for the country to move on & go further. For this car brand, the country means everything.

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