Car Leasing for Business Needs

Business Leasing

It is very crucial for businesses to invest in a fleet to complete daily objectives. At Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales we have all the new makes and models on cars, trucks, vans and buses for the best business lease and finance prices in the Tri-State. Our team can help lease or finance the best vehicles for the task needed. Our team has over a decade in experience for finding the best lease and finance deals in any business.

Auto Leasing for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is ever expanding and with growing numbers of patients, the vehicle fleet is not only important investments, they are invaluable to the industry. We provide commercial car leasing and financing services for the healthcare industry. Call us for more information @(718) 313-0044 or Contact us online

Car Leasing for Delivery Service

Delivery/courier services are now one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. from small businesses making door to door deliveries to big companies needing to ship out goods at Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales we have the best support team to help get your company a great business lease and finance deals to complete the vehicle fleet. Our team can help specially customize a fleet of cars that fits the task at hand.

Auto leasing for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical industry is now bigger than ever and requires the best vehicle fleet service in order to maintain optimal service. We help provide vans or trucks for lease and finance that are made for transportation/delivery for the best lease and finance prices.

Car Leasing for the Food and beverage Industry

The Food and Beverage industry is growing everyday, but with expenses becoming more and more of a strain, owning the vehicle fleet can help expand business and improve operations. To find the best commercial lease and finance deals Call us _PHONE# (718) 313-0044 or Contact us online

The best commercial auto lease deals for the Construction Industry

The construction industry is starting to boom once again. With new developments/projects, owning a fleet is becoming more and more of a necessity. At Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales we have all the new vehicles for auto lease and finance to help move people or equipment at a more efficient and quicker manner.

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