Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales - Lease Brooklyn New York
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Every single month we offer the best car lease hot deals with $0 down payment and other discounts.

Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales - Lease Brooklyn New York
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Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales - Lease Brooklyn New York
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Our auto lease broker company has one of the largest inventory of auto leasing, auto financing and auto selling.

Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales - Lease Brooklyn New York
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Who is Presidential Auto Leasing and Sales?

Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales takes a great pride in having an exceptional reputation in the auto leasing business. For more than a decade we’ve given our customers a truly presidential experience, serving NYC and beyond.

We are a born & grown Brooklyn car leasing business that thinks big, as it should be in the heart of the Empire State.

We guarantee smooth action from the moment of the first call to the delivery of your new car.

Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales - Lease Brooklyn New York
Here are some of our advantages you’d probably want to consider:

All makes, all lease deals

Just as you, we are driven by our passion for cars. Luxury, affordable, crossovers, vans, trucks, convertibles, SUVs, compact, hybrid cars – we have them all. Our rich menu gives you a variety of makes and leasing deals to choose from.

Maybe you want to buy American? Feel free to explore our lease or finance offers for Ford, GMC, Dodge, Chevrolet, Lincoln and Cadillac. Uncle Tom gives plenty of choice! Looking for a German engineering experience? Then, get to know our offers for Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi cars.

Leasing and financing deals are always out there, just hit in Auto Lease Deals and select the make/model you want.


You can be sure of hassle fee and honest transaction. Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales sets the standard of trust in auto leasing.

Trade in

Sometimes you need to give up the past to step into the bright future. As always, Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales is ready to trade in your old car to drop down the price tag on the new vehicles we offer. Make the most of it!

In-house auto insurance

Because we care about your safety and sense of security, Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales provides in-house auto insurance. That means you get property, liability, and medical coverage straight from our office. Car insurance is your peace of mind, so we make sure to take care of your brain cells.

Cars worth a President

We have a long list of offers on luxury cars from Mercedes-Benz to Tesla. Similarly, there are tons of special offers on such exotic makes as Rolls Royce, Bentley, Alfa Romeo, and Lamborghini.

You want it. They love it. We have it.


We stand for your pocket! Hot deals daily, negotiable financing options, and $0 down payment on all cars will keep you focused on your ride, not on your bills.

Same-day delivery

Among our many advantages, we’re also offering same day delivery of your vehicle, for your ultimate comfort. Whether you want home or office delivery, your car will be waiting for you – anytime, anywhere.

NYC/NYS approved BodyShop

Additionally, it is worthwhile to look at our NYC/NYS licensed BodyShop – we’re always ready to fix frames, doors, windows, bumpers, etc. Call us once your car needs to heal the wounds and our handy technicians will do bodywork repairs asap.

Customer service that does care

To ensure that we’re always by your side, our team will be available around the clock for all of your car needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority and period.


Brooklyn is a known hot spot of the auto leasing business in the region and Presidential Auto Leasing is on the map of Brook for a reason. For over 10 years of relentless competition and improvement, the company has arguably earned a good reputation as evident by the high ratings online. The ultimate goal is always the same: to give the customers a ride they are looking for. Whether we’re providing our service in Brooklyn or the Tri-State area, we treat our customers as family by assisting them around the clock.

Bearing an empire state of mind, Presidential Auto Leasing has been ambitiously expanding, now offering a solid variety of services ranging from trade-ins and auto insurance to car hauling and auto body shop. Offering lease on a wide selection of exotic cars and special order of any vehicle directly from the manufacturer have further outlined a good image for the company.

Even in the harsh reality of the COVID-19 times, Presidential Auto Leasing has remained loyal to its customers and has managed to keep up with the demand on cars once the factories were shut down indefinitely. No service or agreement was set back. The company just kept the wheels turning. Presidential Auto leasing quickly and efficiently moved all its services completely online to ensure the well-being of the customers and to help CDC in fighting the global pandemic. Also, from our own initiative, we made donations to essential workers when our community needed it most.

With the cars actively coming back to market and new models being released despite the global pandemic, Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales is looking towards the bright future, as never before.

Questions? Call us now!

(718) 313-0044

Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales - Lease Brooklyn New York
Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales - Lease Brooklyn New York
Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales - Lease Brooklyn New York