Dealer partners
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We partner with dealerships to make leasing and financing easier and more affordable for our customers. To partner with us, dealerships win the most out of the deal. We provide advertisement and establish a new base for clientele   with no expense to the dealerships.

Advantages gained with partnership.

Revenue – With a new larger stream of clientele, revenue will surely be on the rise. On top of that selling most of your stock every month is just an extra added bonus.

Transaction – Easy transaction with little to none involvement required by the dealership

Expanded market share –  New customers and larger reach to sell vehicles in inventory quicker.

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Business Leasing
Services - Lease Brooklyn New York

It is very crucial for businesses to invest in a fleet to complete daily objectives. At Presidential we have all the new makes and models on cars, trucks, vans and buses for the best price in the tri state. Our team can help lease or finance the best vehicles for the task needed. Our team has over a decade in experience for finding the best fleet in any business.


The healthcare industry is ever expanding and with growing numbers of patients, fleets are not only important investments, they are invaluable to the industry.


Delivery/courier services are now one of the fastest growing industries in the U.S. from small businesses making door to door deliveries to big companies needing to ship out goods at Presidential we have the best support team to help get your company a great fleet. Our team can help specially customize a fleet of cars that fits the task at hand.


The Pharmaceutical industry is now bigger than ever and requires the best Fleet service in order to maintain optimal service. We help provide vans or trucks that are made for transportation/delivery for the best price.

Food and beverage

The Food and Beverage industry industry is growing everyday, but with expenses becoming more and more of a strain, owning a fleet can help expand business and improve operations.


The construction industry is starting to boom once again. With new developments/projects, owning a fleet is becoming more and more of a necessity. At Presidential we have all the new vehicles to help move people or equipment at a more efficient and quicker manner.

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Personal Leasing
Services - Lease Brooklyn New York

When deciding on a new vehicle to lease, Presidential always helps find the best vehicle fitted just for you at the best available price. We are always there with you during every step of the process and with our professional team we can provide the best service.

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Auto Body Services
Services - Lease Brooklyn New York

Towing/ Rental/ Insurance Claim

Driving these days can be very dangerous and you never know what can happen. At Presidential if you are ever involved in an accident we have a 24/7 towing and rental service that can deliver your car to our auto body shop and give you a temporary replacement vehicle while your car is being fixed. We also provide a 24/7 insurance claim service which means that we can help you file your insurance claim and get you all the aid you need.

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Auto Insurance
Services - Lease Brooklyn New York

At Presidential we work with a variety of Insurance companies to match you with a company that best fits your needs. We have the best rates with full coverage and auto liability.

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Wear and Tear
Services - Lease Brooklyn New York

After a few years your car most likely would have a few dents and scratches what we in the industry call wear and tear. Most dealerships in the tri state will try to get every penny out of you to cover for minor damages. At Presidential we want to keep you happy and leave more money in your pocket, this is why we offer wear and tear protection so it can cover for any common damages a car may suffer.

Front and rear bumper scuffs
Wheel and tire damage
Burned out or broken lights
chips and cracks on the windshield

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Tire and Wheel
Services - Lease Brooklyn New York

It’s a very common issue that a car may end up with damaged wheels or even flat tires. There are many ways in which your wheels and tires can be damaged for example driving over potholes, nails, glass, and tire leaks. At Presidential we offer Tire and Wheel Protection that makes it cheaper and easier to get you back in your car. Tire and Wheel Protection offers coverage for any replacement or repair your tires and wheels may need.

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Lease Return
Services - Lease Brooklyn New York

Leasing a vehicle is the best way to get the car you want at the most affordable price. After the time on your lease has expired you have to return your car. At this stage most people get very confused because the process can be very complicated, and they can be charged extra fees that they normally wouldn’t have to pay. However, at Presidential our dedicated representatives will make sure that your lease return will be done quick and easy with no extra cost to you. Our experienced team have been helping customers save thousands of dollars with their lease returns for years. At Presidential our priority is always you.

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Car Hauling - Door To Door Shipping - No Hidden Fees
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Ship your car with an Experienced Professional. Fast, Reliable Top Rated Service. Open and enclosed trailers. Our expert logistics agents are trained to provide only the most cost-efficient and reliable auto transport options available. We are the best at vehicle transport.

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