Car Leasing for Personal Use

Personal car leasing

When deciding on a new personal car to lease, Presidential Auto Leasing always helps find the best auto fitted just for you at the best available lease price. We are always there with you during every step of the process and with our professional team we can provide the best leasing service in New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

We deliver new cars to our client’s door.

We offer our services throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania for personal car leasing and financing. We deliver cars in new enclosed and open trailers. Presidential Auto Leasing & Sales works with the top-notch driver teams only for shipping leased cars to the clients.

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Leasing or financing a vehicle can be very complicated for someone new to the experience. Here at Presidential we can answer any of your leasing or financing questions just give us a call at 718-313-0044 or send us an email at Down below we have our top most asked questions with all the answers to them. If you still have any questions be sure to call or send us an email. Drivers, we hope this page helped you and we look forward to further working with you.

What is Leasing a vehicle?

Leasing a vehicle means that you take a car for 24-48 months and make monthly payments. Payments are calculated based on the value of the car and your credit score.

What is Financing/buying a vehicle?

Financing a vehicle, simply put means that you are going to own a vehicle after all your payments are made. Every month you must make payments on the vehicle and at the end of a given term, such as 60 months, you own the vehicle.

How do I make payments?

All Payments are made to the financing bank that approved the lease/finance. Most banks have an online site where you can make all your payments and see any other information concerning your vehicle.

Are there any hidden or upfront fees?

No. There are no hidden fees and the price you get is the price you pay. There are no upfront fees unless otherwise stated, also no down payments are required. To show the difference this makes, at dealerships you are forced to put more money down and pay more per month on the same vehicle that we offer you at a lower price.

When can I review the paperwork?

The paperwork is ready to be reviewed a day or two before delivery. Customers tend to review and sign the paperwork when the delivery is made. We can also provide you with copies of any paperwork that you need.

How do I place an order?

You can start to place an order when you get a quote that fits your needs. Once you get a quote you can talk to a representative via email or the phone to make the order. We will then get you the vehicle you asked for, and schedule a date and time for delivery.

How does a trade-in work?

A trade-in is being able to apply the sales price of your current owned vehicle to the terms of your new lease/finance. The trade-in process can only happen if you own/finance your current vehicle. You must then complete a trade-in appraisal that allows us to determine the market value of your vehicle.

Are there any fees charged for services provided by Presidential?

We do not charge any fees for any services. We at Presidential make our customers our number one priority, therefore we don’t want to make leasing or financing a vehicle any harder or expensive than it has to be. Our representatives offer high quality work and help you with anything you need for no extra cost to you.

Are all your cars new?

All our vehicle are brand new and custom fit for you. Every new vehicle has a warranty from the manufacturer at no cost to you. All the vehicles are cleaned and maintained in the best conditions for delivery.

Can I buy the vehicle at the end of the lease?

You have the option to buy your vehicle at the end of the leased period. We make this a very simple and hassle-free process. If you like your current leased vehicle you can buy it at a given price and keep on driving it for many years to come. You can also finance your leased vehicle after the expiration of the lease to make it financially easier to buy it fully.

Where do I return the car?

After your lease expires and you are ready to give in your car, the process is very simple. You can come to us to return your vehicle and We will schedule a vehicle inspection and after we take your vehicle off your hands, without any extra charges and fees.

Where do I pick up the car?

We can deliver the car to your home or you can come pick it up at our location.

Where can I service the car?

Since our cars come with full manufacturers warranty, your vehicle can be taken to any dealer for service.

What is a bank fee?

A bank fee is an administration fee charged by the bank not by us.

How do down payments work with leasing and financing?

Down payments are not required here at Presidential, but if you like you can put one down. Down payments are not needed for leases, but if one is put down it can lower the monthly payments. For financing, down payments also lower the monthly payments and they help pay off the vehicle quicker.

Miles allowed

Leases come with a set mileage allowance per year. It is recommended that you don’t go over the miles because if you do you will have to pay a fee that is $0.15-$0.30 for every extra mile.

Late charges

Every bank has guidelines and rules that regulate late charges on a vehicle.

How do lease returns work?

Every leased car must be returned by the lease termination date on the contract. The vehicle can be returned to us or any dealer with the same brand. Some banks offer a “grace period”, in which you have a few days to return the vehicle. If the vehicle isn’t returned, fees will start to accumulate.